• About Me •

My name is Rochelle Mills and in September I will be graduating university with a First-class (1st) honours degree in Digital Media BA at Canterbury Christ Church University. I have gained experience using many different technologies such as Dreamweaver for making websites, After Effects, for making animation and motion graphics and then Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, for making logo's, graphic design and other design material.

I am a determined young worker, who loves what I do with a passion and want to develop my skills even more so each day. I am always trying to learn new things and therfore looking to further expand my knowledge within the field of design.

• What I Do •

Web Design

Confident in using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery. I love making websites and have a passion for design and coding.

Motion Graphic

I have created many professional motion graphics, to fit the style of the individual business. By doing this I have gained many different skills and techniques.

Graphic Design

I enjoy making different graphics such as Logos, Posters, Flyers, Business Cards and many other print & digital graphics.

Adobe Suite

I have gained a lot of skills from using the Adobe Suite, such as using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Indesign, After Effects and even more.

• Contact Me Today •

Feel free to contact me with any queries you may have